About Multibanks

What is a multibank
A Multibank is an innovative solution to Fight Poverty and Fight Pollution. Multibanks take goods, such as personal hygiene items, bedding and clothing to ensure usable products don't go to waste but are distributed via teachers, social workers and charities to families in need.
The impact of multibanks

Multibanks are being started all over the UK, but the idea started in Fife. In the first year, over 1m items were distributed to over 65,000 families. A study was conducted by Social Value Lab, to measure the impact achieved:

  • Prevented 42% of families from accumulating more debt
  • 90% reduction in children’s stress and anxiety levels as reported by professionals
  • 27% of parents noted increased confidence and self-esteem in their children
  • 68% of professionals witnessed better concentration and 59% reported improved school attendance
  • 11% of parents credit it with preventing tenancy loss and the potential loss of their children to care
  • A social return of £5.96 for every £1 invested
“The items I received were, in some people’s eyes, not big things, but they were big things to us. Bedding, cot sheets, home essentials like plates. Things I was struggling to get. We can all eat [now, but] before I would wait until the kids had finished or eat my food off the oven tray or the pot I had cooked in. The kids have fresh, comfortable bedding and can sleep better. The small things make just as much of [a] difference as [the] big things, and it really did help us a lot.”

How you can help

Three ways you can help the distribution revolution
Donate surplus goods instead of wasting them
This is a pollution solution and a way to avoid landfill. Multibanks are Green Banks are not just food banks but also clothes and shoes banks, toiletries and hygiene banks, bedding and home furnishings banks, and baby goods banks.
Sell us essential Products at cost
Donate surplus goods to families who need them and initiate special production-line runs of essential products at the lowest possible price to address the rest.
Contribute funds: we need to raise £1 million
While destitution is doubling, donations to charities are halving. Join a new and stronger coalition of compassion. The more we raise, the more Multibanks can be created and sustained.

Contact us to donate goods

For donations over £10,000 email us directly

Everyone is Welcome

Join the family and be a change maker.


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